Choosing textiles and embroideries by Elitex means increasing the value of one’s own products.
We buy raw materials from consolidated furnishers, with whom we cooperate every day in order to achieve the best quality.
This aspect is clearly shown by the close collaboration that we have been maintaining with Fiaçao de Seda BRATAC s.a., a brazilian company with a history of more than seventy years, leader in silk reeling industry, recognized as producing the best raw silk all over the world.

The best proof of this is represented by the certifications that today BRATAC is worth of:

  • CCQ – started in 1988, then changed as Kaizen in 1998
  • 5S – started in 1994, then changed as 8S in 2003
  • ISO9000 – since 2000 
  • Oeko-tex – since 2008 

The phases of fabric production are wholly developed inside our factory. The warping, the weaving, the dyeing of pieces and the quality control are carried out in modern departments: new generation machineries and plants, as well as highly specialized personnel, allow the company to reduce defectiveness to a minimum.
In particular, our internal quality control is done in close touch with the production: in this way it is possible to rapidly look over the textiles produced and involve those who are in charge of that department in case of problems.
An identification label is attached to every piece produced, as a guarantee of its complete traceability, from the raw materials used to the various stages of the working process through which the product has been made.     

It is a common belief that quantity means lack of quality . Our commitment in producing a perfect textile is the same, either for 50 meters as well as for 5.000 meters: the best we can.
Of course, we would like to produce 5.000 meters! 

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